Friday, August 6, 2010

Apricot Cookies!!

Hey everyone! I know I have been silent for the past couple of weeks but I just had too many things on my check list, but I am still here, don't think I have abandoned you! One of the things I love about these food blogs is that you can share all sorts of recipes and experiences with other foodies like you, and get more passionate about cooking or baking!..

Last weekend I made these fantastic cookies from this cute blog I follow Love & Olive Oil. I've never tried to put fresh fruit into my cookie dough until I made this recipe. It was fantastic! I was overwhelm by the delicious combination of flavours! I just made a few changes to the recipe, I didn't add the instant coffee as I didn't have any, but it was super delicious anyways. You could really taste the Apricot flavour in the cookies. And another tiny little change I made was to sandwiched it with Vanilla Ice cream. Mmmmmm Delicious.

For all of you who are craving them right now, here is the link to the recipe!
Love & Olive Oil


  1. definitivo, te robo la receta maruuu!!!! estuvo bueno lo del helado wey
    Atte. Nat