Sunday, March 14, 2010

"Bollos con Chocolate & Vanilla"

A saturday night spent baking is very comforting, specially when the day is awfully rainy and windy. Your house ends up smelling like heaven and you can enjoy your last sweet bite of the day watching a favourite movie. But in my case I had major problems with my blog trying to fix a bunch of things, so it wasn't as relaxed as I wanted. Fortunately I had already finished my sweet bread treats, which made the whole process less painful.

As I was craving something sweet, I came up with the idea of combining two different recipes for mexican sweet bread. These little "bollos" which is they way I've been calling them as I don't really know if this actually exists, are a hybrid between "pan de muerto" or "bread of the dead" and "Conchas".

I love chocolate so I decided to make a chocolate coating instead of the regular sugar coating that conchas have and as I needed a contrasting flavour for the remaining half, I made a vanilla/cream cheese icing to go on top of them.

People I made a lot of them!!!.. so whoever wants to stop by for free "bollos" let me know!!!!

You are always welcome!...

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  1. These look super rich and sooo satisfying! I wish I had droped by on Saturday evening for some free bollos:)