Sunday, February 21, 2010

No Pain, No Gain!

I believe that all the famous chefs around the world have had bad experiences when it comes to 'doing your thing' in the kitchen. I mean, there are knifes, hot pans, spicy chiles, etc.. that can really ruin your day.

Have you ever hurt yourself while cooking????? Well that's a YES for me!!...And I want to be the first "cook" to write about my traumatizing experiences in the kitchen. It can be hurtful, but the worst part of all, is that your inner chef gets disappointed, at leats, just a little!! So, on my 2 years of cooking I've got not just a couple, but several battle wounds!..

First, a small burn in my poor little thumb with boiling caramel sauce... then, several knife cuts. I have to admit sometimes I can get easily distracted and get myself into a bad situation. But I have to say, BURNS are the worst, they hurt like hell and will leave you with a forever lasting gift.

The other day while I was cooking, I put a pan in the oven. When it was time to take it out, I properly did, making sure of course not to burn myself. I left it cooling down on the side, while I did some other important stuff, you know?? chop, chop, chop... when all of a sudden my head being somewhere else in never ever land, I felt like something was in my way. Without giving it a second thought, I just grabbed the pan to move it away and... Ohhhh MY God!!! I burnt my poor little hand!!!!! So please, please, make sure you are paying attention in the kitchen!! Don't be a day dreamer like me and get yourself into trouble!!

It's hard to believe how no one really takes the time to warn you from disastreous accidents around the kitchen. I mean, things like that are pretty obvious and basic stuff that you should avoid, right?. DO NOT touch hot pans just minutes out from the oven!! Please DO NOT stick your fingers into boiling liquids!!! or DO NOT and I mean DO NOT clean a chilli with your bear hands, as it might take all night for that awful burning sensation to disappear. But even if it is basic stuff, sometimes you need to be reminded of that, in order to be more careful and pay just a little bit more attention to what you are doing!!!

Have you had any bad experiences too??!!

Please share them with me so I won't feel as silly as I do NOW!


  1. You poor, poor thing! I feel your pain:( But I have to say I'm the reigning queen of kitchen accidents. Just a few weeks ago I cut off my nails with a sharp knife (not on purpose!), I also burn myself on a regular basis, not to mention chili problems! I use them a lot, cut them with my bare hands, and somehow always end up touching my eyes right after!
    So there! No reason for you to feel silly:)

  2. I cut myself once when cutting a piece of bread (bolillo)... just kept going and going and going and BLOOD!... some other time, I was opening a milk container with scissors and cut my hand right where the index finger meets the palm... Also have some scars from burns when melting down action figures when I was a kid...

    learning is such a painful process sometimes!