Friday, July 2, 2010


Finally summer time has arrived and with that, humid and hot weather is an everyday occurrence. What a better excuse to go for GELATO!..

I think I told you a few posts ago that I just moved to my new place last month, although it's been kinda tiring fixing every little detail there is to fix in the new place, it is also exciting getting used to your new surroundings! I already discovered a great couple of places. Fresh fish, fruits & vegetables and daily baked bread are just around the corner!... But today I am going to talk about one of my best findings!! GELATO! It is seriously one of the best GELATO I've ever tried in Toronto/Etobicoke and you can find it in a great little place in Royal York called San Remo Bakery. YES, you read well, Bakery. There you can find not only the fresh bread I just told you about, but to my surprise the first time I went there, you can also find this frozen treat!

I have only tried 4 different flavours: Raspberry Sorbet, Pistachio, Mango Sorbet & Lemon. All of which I couldn't have enough. I have been going back every week for my stash of GELATO and I believe they will see me again and again for the rest of the summer!

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  1. I ADORE gelato. It's one of the wonders of the world, I'm quite certain.