Thursday, January 28, 2010

Winter treats - "Conchas"

Even though we are trying to achieve all our new year's resolutions, it doesn't hurt to have a couple of treats here and there to survive the winter season.
One of the foods I love from the Mexican culture is "sweet bread". There are so many varieties, that you can never get bored from it. The tradition of eating sweet bread with hot chocolate started with the fusion of 2 complete different cultures, when cocoa met wheat.
Nowadays, sweet bread is one of the best things you can have for breakfast almost everywhere in Mexico. Here in Canada, I cannot find those kinds of treats as easy as I wish; luckily, a couple of months ago, while going through a bunch of papers that contained my family's history, I felt there were some treasures waiting to be found. I started reading this yellowish paper when all of a sudden it hit me, I had found THE recipe. After a couple of months later I was able to bake the best home made "Conchas" I've ever had!..

For those who don't know what "Conchas" are, you'll be amazed by the sweetness and texture of the icing mixed with the fluffy, sponge like, bread in each bite. Bottom line you'll LOVE IT.

I love baking bread, it teaches you to be patient and that sometimes you have to give things a little bit of time so they can become amazing.
And of course the best of all, is that first bite that makes your mouth water!

I shared this fluffy and rich sweet bread with another great cook, who also loves to write about food, my new great friend "Cherie"!! She seemed to enjoy my home made "Conchas" which simply made my day!.


  1. Yes, I did enjoy them very much indeed! I would have your Conchas over a brioche any time! In fact, hereby I'm volunteering to become your guinea pig, just keep'em coming;)
    Estoy hablando en serio:)))

  2. My momma loves conchas. On her last visit to town we went to the panaderia nearly every day for fresh pan dulce. Wish she could bake these with you. Estoy tan floja so far.