Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mexico Wonders (part I)

Every time I remember and look back to my beautiful Mexico a bunch of things come to mind, but the 4 things that really stand out are it's culture, people, colours and food. A few months ago I had the opportunity to go back home and see Mexico with a different point of view, the one from someone that has been far away from it's beauty for a long time. 2 years to be exact. And in this time, even though I've come to love my new country too, you always get nostalgic when thinking about the place that saw you grow and the place who made you the person you are now. Being far away has made me fall in love all over again with my roots, my people and my beautiful Mexico. This last visit I had the goal to take as many pictures as I could, and show you how wonderful warm and full of life this amazing place is. I am originally from Mexico City which is an electric and chaotic place, and even though it has approx. the same population as all Canada, it seems to work out just fine.

(Fair in Mexico City, Vintage bus)

Mexico is a very colourful place, you can find colour everywhere.. the markets, houses, festivals, even the food! This amazing quality is not only due to the fantastic weather they have, but it is also a reflection of the warmth and joy you can find down there.

(Piñatas, Fair Game, Beads stand)

I truly believe Mexico has one of the best street foods in the world, of course... if you can handle it. You can go from creamy vegetables, to tacos, fried snacks (chicharrones & chips), fresh fruits, tamales... etc.. And best of all is that everything is full of spices and flavour.

(Chicharrones/Fried snacks, Fresh fried Chips, Creamy Corn stand)

You can also find people selling fresh products from other regions of Mexico, we found these amazing guys selling Oaxaca Cheese which is just unbeatable in flavour and texture, as well as grasshoppers which are extremely popular specially in the state Oaxaca where they eat it as a snack. I know for some of you might sound crazy but it is really tasty, crunchy and healthy, so.. actually way better than chips!..

(Oaxacan Products, Requeson Cheese, Grasshoppers, Oaxacan Cheese)

To be continued...


  1. It looks perfectly beautiful - and I couldn't pick which aspect I'd like best either.
    And funny enough (considering that I live in California) I've never been to Mexico. Should rectify that...soon.

  2. Thanks for the wonderful virtual visit! A place worth visiting. Already alone for the food... ;-P



  3. Would love to visit Mexico one day. So vibrant, and such a tasty assortment of food!

  4. Mexico is one of my absolute favorite countries to go to. I try to go every 18 months or so! It's so special. NIce recap. though I've never been to Mexico City....

  5. Thanks for stopping by the Food Hound! Your pictures make me want to pack right up and head to Mexico!! If for nothing else than the fabulous food!!

  6. Yes, Mexico is beautiful! Next time you come down you have to let me know so we can meet up.

  7. Wow, your pictures are so beautiful!! I've only been to Mexico once (Guadalajara/Tototlan) and you're right, my main impression was that Mexico is COLORFUL! The buildings were pink, and yellow, and blue--it felt so joyous, and I love the pedestrian lifestyle I encountered.

  8. lovely pictures and site
    nice to meet another Torontonian

  9. I absolutely agree. Mexico is wonderful! I love it there. We go back every year-- except this one due to my newborn :)

    BTW, I bought the Tartine Bread cookbook!

  10. I loved seeing your photos! And I agree with you -- Mexico has the best street food in the world. It is so varied, flavorful and interesting. It has been many years since we were last in Mexico City. It is time to go again.