Wednesday, January 19, 2011

George Brown - The Art of Breads & Cookies..

Yes, I am starting the new year with 2 more George Brown courses that I'll be taking at the same time. As if life wasn't as busy and crazy as it is, now I'll have 2 more commitments per week. My weekends will be quite busy for the next 3 months. With late class on Fridays and afternoon class on Sundays, I'll try to become a better baker and improve in 2 areas: Breads and Cookies!..

I really really really LOVE baking bread! It is one of my favourite things to bake, it is just soooooo pretty and puffed that you cannot even believe you could have done such a gorgeous thing by yourself!.. And cookies .. ohhh cookies.... they can be tricky; a couple of mins more on the oven and they'll be hard, or an over greased pan and they will expand so much they'll loose their shape. You need to put so much care into baking those little guys that I am glad I am actually taking this course!

A couple of Notes from my class that I'll hope it will be of good use to you!...

When a recipe asks for fresh yeast and you cannot find that thing anywhere... remember that you can actually use traditional yeast or instant yeast, just know that the ratio is to use only 1/3 of the amount stated for fresh yeast.

Most of the recipes for bread ask for water and try not to replace with milk because your dough will not rise properly.

When you want to accelerate your recipe remember to dissolve your yeast in lukewarm water (40 to 45 C) and never go above 50 C.

If you want to get a crustier CRUST! remember this... the wetter the dough the better, it will stop sticking to the surface if you knead the dough right and for a long time, there is no need to add more flour.

Ohh and the most important thing of all... BE PATIENT let your dough rise properly and give it the time it needs to relax so you can bake amazing bread.


  1. Looking forward to see all your delicious breads and cookies.
    Wishing you all the best ♥

  2. I want to take those classes too! I love baking bread and this year I have promised myself I'll get back to it. I love your pictures and thanks a lot for your tips :)

  3. I like the idea of baking bread but I don't seem to get it right! My breads are either stodgu or too hard =(

  4. In my heart of hearts, I am a baker, so I can really relate to your love of this craft. Good for you for continuing with your classes. When all is done, you will be as good or better than any professional baker.
    Do you have any books by Rose Levy Beranbaum? She wrote The Cake Bible, The Bread Bible, and The Pie and Pastry Bible. I owe all my cake baking skills to her. I hope you can check out her books, if you haven't already.