Sunday, October 3, 2010

Week 3 @ George Brown!

Yes! Week 3 at George Brown! And we made Bran Muffins..... and Biscuits!!!!!!!!!! :) I am loving my baking arts course even though waking up at 6:00 am every Saturday morning is killing me. But just as soon as I get in the class I am fully awake.

One of the most important things I've learned about making pie pastry and Biscuits is to never over knead the dough because it develops gluten and will make whatever you are doing to have a chewy consistency.. and for these 2 we don't like chewy, we want flaky pastry and really really soft biscuits!! So... you have to barely knead it, just enough to make the mix come together.

Anyways here are my latest George Brown creations!
I am so proud!!


  1. OMG hand over the biscuits, they look perfect

  2. Lucky you to be able to take a baking class. Your biscuits look wonderful and light. Do you get to eat your homework? :)