Saturday, September 25, 2010

Baking Arts

Yes!! Today I started my new path!! Today I took my first step to become a Professional Baker!!
I bet you I am the happiest saturday morning commuter!... you cannot imagine with how much joy I travel the full hour through the subway to get to my new Baking School!

I am taking the Baking Arts Certificate course at George Brown; which will take me approx. a year and a half to finish. Mixing your regular job with a new carrer is not an easy task, but my passion for baking/cooking is so big that I don't care if the overworkload kills me! at least I'll die happy!!..

Every Saturday I am going to show pictures of whatever I did in class!! You can't imagine the feeling of being in a professional kitchen with all this amazing ovens and workspaces! It just puts a smile on my face.

Today we did Apple Pie!! And I am telling you I will fully enjoy it!! I'll try to share my food with friends and whoever wants to try it but today this PIE is only mine!!


  1. Cute!!! Yo tambien quiero de esa apple pie:)

  2. How fun! You are inspirational! I should join a culinary school. I'm looking forward to reading your new baking-adventures!


    Ps. Your pie-crust is perfection.

  3. Congratulations!! You look and sound so happy, this looks like you found something of great enjoyment! Have fun:)
    That pie looks delish...

  4. Que bonita sales!!!!!! que tomas clases o que? ya no enteni porque vestidita de chef y todo!! jaj que bonito,.. siempre que veo lo que preparas se me antojaaa jajja